Markit Zero

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The Band

Laureate of the 2015 Tonnerre de jazz competition, Billère (64)
Dorian Dutech, best player at the 2015 Des rives et des notes jazz competition, Oloron (64)
Finalist of Jazz à Vannes (56), Oloron (64) jazz competitions and Trophées du Sunside (Paris), 2015

Started in 2013 the quintet hails from Toulouse, France. The band is strongly influenced by the modern NY jazz scene (embodied by such artists as Ambrose Akimundsire, David Binney …) and walks amidst the jungle of genres, lead by lyrical melodies and driven by strong riffs and confident grooves. Markit Zero is to be found somewhere between the electric, the urban, the organic and a variety of influences ranging from metal, to hip-hop, music of the carribean and free music.

Here the musicians have their common ground in their love for jazz, improvisation and their disregard for the barriers betweens genres. Together they have found their own unique aesthetic. It’s called Markit Zero.

  • Dorian Dutech - Guitar
  • Jules Gabriel - Keyboards
  • Carla Gaudré - Saxophone
  • Henri Lassémillante - Double Bass
  • Kulusé Souriant - Drums



In the press

These compositions show a great sense of detail, notably in the diversity of orchestral combinations, and the development that makes the orchestra play, and makes you forget that a beer is waiting for you at the bar.

Frank Bergerot – Jazz Magazine January 2015

Everything is coherent well constructed with original ideas with Markit Zero [...] you can let yourself stroll through their fluid, colorful and never demanding compositions

Jury of Tonnerre de Jazz competition – Billère (64) Mash 2015


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